GameUI – CCG Fantasy Game UI

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A light, fun and flexible low poly resource pack perfect for prototyping or adding to a low poly world. Over 450 models for the construction of buildings, defensive structures, shelters. Includes a modular fastening system and many parts that allow you to build buildings.



A small resource pack ideal for game and UI prototyping.

This package is well-suited for third-person or top-down viewing.
On top of all this, the asset includes any parts you might need to develop a shooter or RPG.
The whole package is made in a light style and can be combined with other packs of a suitable style.

A large number of icons and panels to create an interface..

2 reviews for GameUI – CCG Fantasy Game UI

  1. Iain

    This pack contains some great portraits, glyphs and some UI components, however the card front and backs come as shown in the shop. They’re not broken down into the different components meaning that there is no possibility for customisation, you’re restricted to 4 fronts and 4 backs.

  2. NS

    I like the low Poly works of animpic studio, but I can’t recommend this pack at all. All images (except for the glyphs) are 100% AI generated. This by itself is not a full showstopper, but the quality of images is. While the char folder is somewhat usable, the ‘cardcovers’ and ‘character’ folders are of terrible quality, asymmetric, most characters distorted, with glassy eyes, wrong anatomies and nightmarish hands.

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